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Worm Composting & Garden Amendments
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Worm Tea Factory
Worm Tea Factory
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Worm Tea Factory
Here at the Worm Tea Factory,  we raise Red Worms and Indian Blue Worms.

Our system of growing is experimental and uses some aspects of growing that are not considered to be normal among worm farmers.  Our preliminary testing has shown that the system is only good for producing a lot of worm tea.  It is not advisable to use this system to grow worms for animal feed unless dried and palletized. Worms do not get to their full size in this system.

Our worm bins were studied as a senior project at a local university.  The project concluded on April 28, 2016.  Unfortunately, the test results of the team were not what I expected and further examination reveled that they did not complete the tasks necessary to make it successful.  I feel that they did not understand the process and waited too long to do tests to make changes to the process.  I did learn a lot from the project. Mostly confirming what not to do.

We now have a flow through bin that produces no castings.  All the castings get dissolved and are removed from the bin in liquid form.  We sell the resulting worm tea as fertilizer. The worm tea can restore farm land to a living soil within a couple of years.  It has many more uses that we will explore for using the worm tea.

The off shoot of this system is that the worms double in numbers about 48 times faster than the traditional red worm operation..
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