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Worm Composting & Garden Amendments
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Worm Tea Factory
Worm Tea Factory
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Worm Tea Factory
Here at the Worm Tea Factory,  we raise Red Worms.

Our system of growing is experimental and uses some aspects of growing that are not considered to be normal among worm farmers.  Therefore, we are not in a position to provide details of it until we have proven it's usefulness.  Our preliminary testing has shown that it is possible that we have one of the best bin designs but, due to contamination of our worm stock from an invading species of worm, (Indian blue worm) Not all of our stock is pure.

Our worm bins are being studied as a senior project at a local university.  Once they have confirmed that the doubling time is around 10 days, we will decide how or what we will do with this information.  We do have some investment involved with this project so it is hoped that we will recoupe some of those costs with a marketing plan.
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