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Worm Tea Factory
Worm Tea Factory
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Worm Tea Factory
Here at the Worm Tea Factory we are developing new products and procedures for agriculture.  

Our worm farm is unique and is in the process of development.  We are however, getting worm tea out of it and developing new products for a better gardening experience. 
We are happy with the new system of worm farming,  The worm mass is doubling every 12 days.  We have 780 square feet of bins.  We thought that all our worms were European nightcrawlers but dicovered that a major portion of the worm population were Alabama Jumpers.  This came as a big surprise since our beds are only 8 inches deep and none are filled to the top.

According to the experts, the beds need to be much deeper than these in order for them to reproduce.  They also claim that the cocoon stage is much longer than we are experiencing.