Here at the Worm Tea Factory,  we make worm tea.

We have come a long way with designing a system that makes tea straight out of the worm bin.  We did experience some unexpected but pleasant surprises as the worms doubled in volume about every 12 days.  The main difference we found was in the number of worms in a pound.  The worm population in a pound of worms in a normal worm bin will contain about 1,000 worms.  In our system they remained a constant 8,000 per pound.
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Worm Composting & Garden Amendments
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Worm Tea Factory
Worm Tea Factory
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Worm Tea Factory
We are not selling worms or coconut coir at this time.

We will be coming back in 2020 with a new worm bin design.  The new worm bins will double the worms in less than 20 days and produce worm tea products for use in non-food environments. 

We may even get it approved for food growing but, that may take a while...The main concern about food growing is because of the freshness of the source, worm castings.