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Worm Tea Factory
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Worm Tea Factory
Worm Composting & Garden Amendments
5KG Bales of Coconut Coir

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Coconut Coir
Worm tea is sold to the local community and farmers on a bring your own container basis.

Excess worms are sold to fish and chicken farmers.
Our coconut coir comes from India and is of the finest quality.  Each bale will expand to about 2.5 cu ft with the addition of 5 gallons of water.  Use coir as a ecological  substitute for peat moss.  Coir is odor free and will keep soil conditioned for water retention and aeration for years to come.  Mix with bedding in the same way as peat moss.  Does not need PH correction as does peat moss.
Coconut coir makes good worm bedding too.